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Legal identification and verification are very critical in authorizing identity and data information for users hence third-party verification has become an essential part of countless industries to ensure complete security for clients. As a Legal Verification Services provider, we deliver end-to-end accounts debit confirmation services.

Third-party verification service serves as a legally binding authentication or confirmation for clients when it's practically impossible to have signed or written documentation authorized due to client interactions that happen via long distance or phone. This enables our company to act on clients' requests by adding electronic proof on transactions whiles walking customers through the whole process of verification in an efficient way, giving them the assurance needed.

Africa Business Process Outsourcing (ABPO) has a specialized team of professionals who are experienced in providing third-party verification services and protecting your customer base. Our core values include safeguarding our clients' identity and data information with our fully equipped team of call center experts who are always available to answer on behalf of your organization. With the latest technology and highly trained call center professionals, we help to provide excellent services to uphold your brand name by ensuring prompt services to every customer.

The following are third-party verification services we offer;

Live operator Third Party Verification (TPV)
Automatic Third-Party Verification (ATPV)
Customized call scripting
Transaction verification

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